Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The Long And Winding Road To Liverpool

So this Saturday the mighty Potters take the short trip up the M6/M62 to Liverpool. In our 3 seasons in the Premier league at Anfield we have 1 draw and 2 defeats, with 0 goals been scored by the Potters.

This report takes a light hearted look at Liverpool and what the away fan should expect upon arrival in the city enclosed by the River Mersey.

There are still arguments as to the origin of the city's name, Liverpool. Some people believe the terminology originates from the words large pool while others are adamant its from the different plants and birds (the flying type!), those such as the famous Liver bird.

For those Stokies making the trip up to Liverpool, we suggest getting the train they run regularly from Crewe. Upon arrival into Lime Street Station, you exit onto Lime Street itself where you are met by the stunning view of St Georges Hall dating back to 1794.

Of course Liverpool is made by the people, and these lot provide lots of entertainment. Most refer to them as scousers, even Liverpudlians call themselves scousers. They are the butt of endless jokes and digs, seen as hard nosed and really dont like those Manc's along the M62. There own language is no different to our old Potteries dialect and they are proud to use it.

We suggest first port of call is the Crown Hotel Pub to the left of Lime Street, here you can grab yourself a quick 'bevvy' (beer), and get chatting to some 'auld baigs' (older women!). Once you have had a few bevvy's there we suggest you cross the road and nip into the Wetherspoons by St Johns bus station, always rammed on a Saturday and provides great 'scran' (food!). You can get well and truly 'bevvied' (drunk) in there and if you fancy any 'jargged' (fake/knock off) clothing then just head into St Johns precinct opposite!

After the Weatherspoons, we suggest you head for the Ship and Mitre on Dale Street, a fantastic old mans pub serving quality real ale, its about a 10 minute stroll but well worth it. When you are ready you can 'go ed' (get going) and jump a taxi to the match alternatively if you have a good pair of 'drabs on' (trainers) then it is a brisk couple of mile walk up Scotland Road.

There will be many sites in Liverpool and the 'to do' thing for scouse girls is walk around town with their hair in rollers, some with pyjamas on doing shopping and the must have is the famous scouse brow (a ludicrous looking drawn on eyebrow!), although we do admit scouse women are stunning, although a lot of these, who have orange tans hang around places like the Newz bar trying to sleep with celebs, in Liverpool they are referred to as 'slaperazzi'.

In the taxi to the ground, if you see any over weight people they you can shout out the window and call them 'fat waps', although they will probably tell you to 'do one' (go away!)

Hopefully the Potters can continue their great form of late and pick up 3 points. So have a great time, get bevvied up, watch the bizzies and dont act like a better beaut!


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